• Assisting teachers to teach effectively


    Giving credits where credits are due

    To support our educators in classroom practice, the Kaleidoprax Institute offers a Short Course, “Classroom Tactics”, to assist teachers in the interpretation of CAPS and other, much-needed information to confidently interact with prescribed administration and assessment practice. Not only will the teacher be equipped with an 'everyday-use tool' to plan lessons and integrate assessment activities, but also with a supporting electronic or paper-based system to record plans and assessment activities.

    Goal of the course:

    The goal of this Short Course is the empowerment of the educator in his/her own subject matter.  The learning approach is mostly workshop-style: teachers bring their own content and experience to the learning platform. Step-by-step, the crucial issues are demystified to provide a platform from which the approach for the design and facilitation of learning and resulting assessment should be taken.

    By the end of the course, teachers are able to:

    • Integrate teaching and assessment successfully
    • Develop suitable learning materials and assessment instruments
    • Integrate language usage into instructional technique
    • Optimise learning in the classroom
    • Record assessment results in departmental prescribed departmental format to reduce administrative burdens.

    How it works:

    Classroom Tactics is offered on electronic platform in combination with contact sessions. The mix in combination is determined by the remoteness of location, number of participants in an area, and the availability of internet connectivity.


    Learning is done in own time at own pace, although contact sessions require sections to be completed for optimal participation.

    A six month participation period is advised.

    NQF Alignment:

    This learning experience is aligned to three registered NQF unit standards:

    • US 10231: ‘Plan a learning event’
    • US 117871: ‘Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies’
    • US 115753: ‘Conduct outcomes-based assessment’

    A practical guide to collect evidence of competence not only presents a valid portfolio of assessment to award the competent teacher a total of 33 NQF credits at level 4 and 5, but also serves as a mentoring process to ensure effective and fit-for-purpose application back in the classroom.

    Why should teachers take the course, "Classroom Tactics"?

    • It will lead to effective and enriched teaching
    • It will give teachers the tools to plan their lessons and assessment activities in an organised manner
    • It is highly practical in nature
    • It will help teachers to cope with administrative burdens
    • The way in which the course is structured, will give the teacher a chance to interact with highly skilled and experienced educators

    The course will give a teacher 33 extra credits which will assist such  a teacher to find posts and advancement

    Bringing lesson planning & assessment together. Planning for exciting learner experiences!

    More information?

    For more information and quotations, contact The Kaleidoprax Institute: 012-991-2434 / info@kaleidoprax.co.za

    Mentorship programmes in a whole-school approach also available.