• Welcome to the Summer 2012 Edition of TET


    Welcome to the 2012 summer editon of

    Teaching English Today



    We trust that you will find the articles that follow interesting, challenging and useful.

    Please feel free to respond to / add to / challenge any of the views expressed in the articles.

    And please do send us your contribution for the next issue (due November 2012).  Send these to the Editor at drv@worldonline.co.za and maybe you could win a copy of The Longman South Africa School Dictionary. 


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    (Dr) Malcolm Venter



    Longman Dictionaries

    Longman dictionaries have played a significant role in the development, analysis and teaching of English since

    1755. Longman has a comprehensive list of dictionaries available for Grades 4 to 12.

     Longman South African School Dictionary plus CD-ROM Suitable for Grades 4 – 9

    The interactive CD-ROM allows learners to:

    •      Look up the full contents of the dictionary
    •      Listen to the pronunciation of all the words
    •      Record themselves to check their pronunciation
    •      Practise spelling, vocabulary and grammar in the Language Trainer
    •      PLUS: Photo dictionary and video clips to enhance understanding

    9781408202630 Longman South African School Dictionary with CD-ROM


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