• Goodnight Mr Tom: a project


    Goodnight Mr Tom: a project (For Grade 8)


    Daphne ffolliott

    Retired principal and English teacher


    1. Draw a rough, labelled plan of Mr Tom’s house (exterior only) and its immediate environs.
    2. Write the entry Mr Tom might have written for his diary on the first evening of Willie’s stay. (12 – 15 lines)  Mention how he feels about having to look after Willie, what he discovers about him, etc.
    3. Imagine that Willie has a camera and is making a photo album of his stay in Little Weirwold. Reproduce ONE page from his album. Use drawings or photographs for the ‘photographs’. Write captions to accompany all the pictures.
    4. Compose the letter Mrs Beech wrote to Mr Tom asking Willie to come home.
    5. At the end of the novel Willie is almost totally a different person to the one who arrived at Little Weirwold. On a double page illustrate this difference by drawing/pasting pictures of Willie before (first page) and Willie after (second page). Each picture must also be accompanied by a short description of Willie.
    6. Which character in the book appealed to you the most? Briefly give your reasons for this choice. (10 – 15 lines)
    7. Imagine that it is Mr Tom’s 70th birthday. Design and write the birthday card that Willie would make for Mr Tom.

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