• An invitation to participate in a poetry reading in Cape Town


    An invitation to participate in a poetry reading in Cape Town


    Robin Malan, Editor of English Alive

    A message to anybody who has published in English Alive:


    As promised at the launch of the 2011 English Alive, Karin Schimke and Hugh Hodge (who run the regular Off The Wall poetry readings in the city) have set aside an evening for English Alive poets to read their work! Here are the details:


    Who: Any contributor to English Alive who is still at school or one year out


    When:  8 p.m. on Monday 5 December (Monday of the last week of Term 4)


    Where: A Touch of Madness restaurant in Observatory, in Nuttal Road, opposite Pepper Square (which is behind the Station Road Spar)


    For how long: the featured slot (that’s you all) is the first 40 minutes of the evening. Then there’s a break, and then an Open Mike session. You can leave at the break, if you like, around 8.45 p.m.


    Transport: you will need to arrange this


    What: Only poems can be read, not prose pieces. I suggest you select one poem or two poems (not more) to read.


    How: Caitlin Tonkin has offered to organise the EA event. Her email address is caitlin.tonkin@gmail.com . So please let Caitlin know you will take part; let her have the title(s) of your poem(s); keep in touch with her about how you are getting there, etc. She will keep in touch with you about the reading-order, and so on.


    Hope you will take this opportunity to get your work out there among people who care about poetry and who want to hear you.



    Robin Malan, Editor

    I ♥

    English Alive



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